Carl Pei announced on the OnePlus Forums that the company’s devices will soon be officially available for purchase in Australia. He also added that while many Australians have obtained OnePlus devices through methods such as having friends from overseas bring them, this isn’t good for “the user experience when dealing directly with OnePlus,” which presumably refers to things like warranties and support. That’s not to mention things like band incompatibilities, though it’s unclear whether Australian OnePlus devices will resolve this.

He also updated that OnePlus plans to bring the OnePlus 5 to Australia via a soft launch program.This will enable the company to test the product and supply chain. In September OnePlus team will visit Melbourne and Sydney in order to get face-to-face user feedback.If anyone would like to participate, If you live in the land down under and would like to sign up for future OnePlus-Australia news/meet-up information to be emailed to you, you can do so at this Google Forms link here.



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