Last year Google has announced Google phone, Pixel and Pixel XL manufactured by HTC. This Year also Google is getting ready to launch its Pixel2 and Pixel2 XL(May be) 2017 edition. As per the leaked images for 2017 pixel edition , the top and bottom bezels are still very noticeable. This year Google flagship will be near – bezelless screens. Additionally this year there will be a additional speaker with the bottom speaker to create stereo effect.


Recently all manufactures are going with dual camera for better pictures but
it seems Google is going to stick with Single Main camera which is creating great images till date. Probably you won’t miss out on photo quality if you go with the Pixel 2, you will be left without gimmicks such as true black and white images or ‘Portrait Mode’. Google 2017 flagship will be come with Snapdragon 835 processor and 4GB or 6GB of RAM. 2017 Pixel edition may come out without 3.5mm headset jack.



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