Google Assistant is giving a tough time to Android Wear users. Some users are facing multiple issues with virtual assistant on their smart wearable after a recent update to the OS.

It is reported that the Google Assistant is unable to perform some basic tasks such as setting a timer, sending text messages, management of smart home devices, etc. It is also reported that the voice recognition has stopped working on their smartwatches.

Google quickly responded to the issues that are reported and informed users to update the “Google” app to version 7.8.


  • Press the power button and choose Play Store from the launcher.
  • Swipe down from the top of the screen and tap the My Apps icon (grid icon at left).
  • An update should be available for the “Google” app; tap to install.

    If this doesn’t resolve your issue, please list voice commands that are still failing and send us a bug     report from your watch.”

    Users can also check their e-mail box for the above mentioned instructions.

Even after updating the software, the issues aren’t fixed yet. Google team has identified some issues that are preventing to have the issue fixed and says that the team will inform users via e-mail once the issues are fully fixed for everyone.




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