Amazon hosted a event in Seattle. Echo,Echo Plus, Echo connect, Echo button and Echo spot were upgraded.

Updated Echo comes similar to its predecessor but little bit shorter and retains the same cylindrical shape and top mounted controls. Exterior comes in different finish like fabric, wood, and a metal-like finish.
Echo connect will be used to connect your home phone line and Echo will be used as a speaker.
Echo Button will be used for playing audio games.

Updated Echo has a dedicated 2.5-inch downward-firing woofer and .6-inch upward-firing tweeter powered by Dolby.
The Echo now comes at $99.99 for the cloth-covered speakers and $119.99 for other materials. Amazon is currently running a promotion to buy three second-generation Echos for $50 off.

Echo Plus

Amazon also announced the Echo Plus which it touts the ability to work with more than 100 smart home devices. The key feature of Echo plus is an easy pairing process with appliances that works automatically via voice without the need for skills or apps.

It looks similar to its predecessor and comes with an upgraded second-generation far-field microphones. On the audio front, it has a similar set-up to the Echo, but with a .8-inch tweeter. The Echo Plus is also cheaper than the predecessor at $149.99 and shipping will start on October 31st. A limited time-offer also sees a Philips Hue Bulb included in the package.

Echo Spot

Amazon also launched an alarm clock that features a circular 2.5-inch display with Amazon Alexa. The face of the Echo Spot looks like a Nest Thermostat with a thick black ring around the display while the body is vaguely spherical.


Amazon calls it an evolution of the Echo Dot and it comes with video calling capabilities, Bluetooth pairing and a line out jack to connect external speakers. It will cost $129.99, but is not shipping until December.



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