Apple has announced it will give one-year international warranty on unlocked iPhones purchased from outside the US. This international warranty is limited to factory unlocked iPhone devices and not carrier-locked iPhones. This means that Apple will honor its international warranty for iPhones purchased outside India, including the US, even if people do not happen to have Apple Care.


Apple provided international warranty on several of its products including MacBook, but this is the first time that iPhones are getting this kind of a warranty. Now people can buy iPhones from whereever they are cheaper, without worrying about servicing in India. This was not the case earlier.

The latest development comes as pre-orders for iPhone X are about to begin in India. International warranty makes sense for people who are planning to buy the new iPhone from places outside India where it is comparatively cheaper or during their travel to other countries. For example, iPhone X starts at $999 (Rs 65,000 approx +plus taxes) in the US, whereas starting price of base 64GB model in India is Rs 89,000. Even with taxes included, iPhone X would be much cheaper in the US.

Apple iPhone X pre-orders in India begin October 27. Pre-bookings for Apple iPhone 8, 8 Plus began September 22 itself. The phones went on sale from September 29. Apple iPhone 8 starts at $699 in the US, while the iPhone 8 Plus starts at $799. Compared to this, iPhone 8 starts at Rs 64,000 (64GB) in India.



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