The OnePlus 5 is no longer available for purchase in most countries and proved leakster Evan Blass claims the new OnePlus 5T is expected to arrive in late November.
OnePlus co-founder Carl Pei tweeted a mysterious image saying “Cool photo, must have come from a great camera“, and then CEO Pete Lau followed up with one more photo saying “Impressive photo. Must be a great camera“.
Photos are taken in the low light condition, and the photo turns out to be good. It may be taken either with the larger sensor in the phone camera or some software tricks  or most likely a wider aperture.
The OnePlus 5T has already leaked out multiple times,  it will be a 6-inch phone with an 18:9 screen and virtually no bezels, so its physical size will be that of a 5.5-inch 16:9 device.  Fingerprint is moved to back.
Having two top OnePlus executives tweet camera teasers surely indicates the OnePlus 5T  or OnePlus 6 is coming soon.

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