There are lot of people around the globe who uses two wheelers as their daily commute. Users in India have noted a new two wheelers mode in their maps.  We’ve known something like this was coming for some time now thanks to our teardowns. v9.61, v9.62, and v9.66 all contained strings relating to some sort of two-wheeler or motorcycle mode, and this seems to be the conclusion of that. One reader let us know that this showed up for him in v9.67.1, which is the most recent version out.

Now, this option will be available along with car, train, and walking mode. In the screenshot, it shows the best, most efficient route possible given the type of transportation. If this available then it will helpful for many Google maps user, since motorcycles can fit in places that cars must go around, you’ll note that estimated travel times are quicker, sometimes significantly so.


The feature notes road closures on the way and the parking status at the destination, both of which are handy. So far, we’ve only gotten tips from readers in India, and it does makes sense that Google would choose to launch this there first. After all, the US isn’t nearly as crowded, and almost all streets that can fit a motorcycle can also fit a car. It might be handy in other parts of Europe and Asia, though. We’ll have to wait and see if the functionality pops up anywhere else.



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