Every year smartphone manufacturers come with new features and improvements. 2017 year was for 18:9 ratio display started from Flagship smartphone and now available in budget smartphone as well. As we remembered LG introduced for the first 18:9 aspect ratio display with HDR playback support in the earlier 2017.


At first, as it was different it received a lot of negative reviews because of the usability of the screen. But later on Samsung also followed down the path of the 18:9 display with it’s Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+ and now Google with it’s Google Pixel 2 XL.

2018 might be the year for Fingerprint sensor to be placed under the display. There are many speculation that many manufactures are doing the research for it. Now a Chinese manufacturer has teased an image which shows the fingerprint sensor under the display.
Vivo, Chinese tech giant published a poster in its social media accounts hinting the first phone with such a technology will be unveiled on January 10. Sometime back a mysterious phone leaked via TENAA with a name of VIVO X20 Plus UD. Now it clears that UD stands for Under Display , the first phone using this technology will be VIVO’s current flagship.

Here this technologies can be used only on the OLED display, when a user finger touches the screen, it lights up and detects the fingerprint area to identify and unlock the screen if it matches. Lets wait and confirm how the VIVO take the dice on January 10.




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