Nowadays most of the smartphone users are interested in using Truecaller Android app to identify the unknown calls. To make the Android users work simple for maintaining contacts in Android smartphone Truecaller going to introduce backup feature in their app. It will also help peoples who are also often switching to multiple Android devices or while resetting their smartphone.



Once is the app is updated, if you open it , You’ll be prompted to setup your backup. With just a click of a button, Truecaller will backup all your contacts, call history, call logs, block list and settings preferences to a file that will be stored on your Google Drive. If you don’t already have a Google Drive account you’ll be prompted to create one. From the Truecaller Settings menu, you’ll be able to select how often you want to backup your data (daily, weekly, monthly or never.).



If you ever need to restore all your data all you’ll need to do is give Truecaller access to the file you stored on your Google Drive, Your data will be restored to the last saved state.

Truecaller app also providing additional features like saving the phone number used long back(even year back) but not saved in contact list. This view will contain all the contacts you’ve ever had from any Call, SMS or transaction. So even if you don’t save a contact you’ll be able to go back and find who you’ve communicated with in the past.



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