Samsung has started to rollout Android Oreo to Samsung Galaxy S8 couple of days back. It comes with new samsung experience 9.0 on top Android Oreo 8.0. The update also brings modified emoji to the samsung users.

Samsung has modified 🙄 rolling eyes , Face screaming in Fear  😱, will look more Munch than anime demise and  💃Woman Dancing is more poised and elegant than the current sneaker-stomp.

Samsung Emoji

Samsung Emoji_1

This new emoji release will bring many of Samsung’s notoriously divergent designs much more in line with those of other vendors.

Samsung Emoji_2

Samsung Experience 9.0 also brings 9 new facial emojis, including 🤩 Star-Struck🤯 Exploding Head and 🤬 Face With Symbols on Mouth.

Samsung Emoji_3

This has had a sizable effect on more facial expressions than just 🙄 Face With Rolling Eyes and 😱 Face Screaming in Fear😬 Grimacing Face and 😫 Tired Face have lost their anime flair, while 😋 Face Savoring Food😏 Smirking Face and 🤤 Drooling Face[3] have changed substantially enough to have their intended meanings made clearer.

Samsung Emoji_4

Other faces have also had their tilt removed, facing directly forward as opposed to being slightly pivoted, with additional icon-specific changes also being made.

Samsung Emoji_5

All of the “kissing faces” have also been tweaked to removing the little heart icon by the mouth where it didn’t appear for other vendors

Samsung Emoji_6

Click here for more details on Emoji changes



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