Xiaomi smartphone is about launch in the U.S.  this year, says CEO to Wall Street Journal that the organization  has connected with an IPO this year . Also to begin entering the market by the end of 2018.


The remarks are the clearest sign to date of Xiaomi’s expectation to contend in the North American market. Xiomi  began in China, and it has extended its deals into Asia, Africa and parts of Europe. Its venture into India, where it as of late beat Samsung to the best deals spot, has been its best abroad invasion. Xiaomi defeated a business dunk in 2016, when Lei Jun himself conceded that it had become too quick, to appreciate an arrival to achievement in 2017.

Xiaomi is looking at an IPO of $100 billion in the second half of the year when it goes public and all without touching the U.S. market. Xiaomi hasn’t presented its phones, which are noted for offering high performance at only a small amount compared to Apple, Samsung and others but had introduced accessories a couple of years  back. Its best offering Redmi range, for instance, begins at around $150 and incorporates phablet variants, while the higher-end Mi family is estimated upwards of $300.

Xiaomi is one of the few companies that offers a custom chip-set for more power and a better experience at an affordable price. It is looking to broker partnerships with retailers for the sale of its accessories in the near future too.


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