We are nearing the launch date of the much awaited Android P. Over the past few weeks, rumours have mentioned some interesting features and it looks like Android P will allow you to use your device like a Bluetooth device (keyboard, mouse etc).
You can still technically use your smartphone as a keyboard or mouse, but it’s cumbersome and requires a rooted device. It is because the Bluetooth profile cannot be set to HID (human interface device) by default. The Human Interface Device is what you need to turn a device into a keyboard or mouse and Android P might just have this profile. So, having this feature means your device can work as a PC input device on any Android phone that is updated to Android P. Otherwise to use your smartphone as an input device, one would have to patch the Bluetooth framework to enable HIDD with an app like Bluetooth+, and when combined with another app such as True Mouse/KB. This Bluetooth Profile might be useful to potentially control workplace presentations or as a media remote whenever you don’t have access to a better solution and many more.
Of course some of the other rumoured features of Android P are native call recording capabilities, better call blocking and better optimization for notched displays.
Google is yet to confirm this news and the other features of Android P but we expect details on March 14 when it will be released.

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