Facebook had added the lighter version of its Messenger app – Messenger Lite for Android users just recently and it is already getting a new upgrade. Facebook is adding video chats, so that now apart from original features that included text messaging, audio calls, photo and link sharing and stickers, now you can have a video call as well. To use this option in an existing or new conversation, or during an audio call, you just tap the video icon in the corner (in messaging) or in the middle of the screen (in a call) and you switch to video.
Even with the introduction of video chat, Messenger Lite still weighs in under 10MB, making it blazing fast to install and equally fast to start up. So, if you are always having storage issues on your Android, you can remove all other apps to replace it with Messenger Lite that offers everything you need.
Messenger Lite is already in over 100 countries today. It’s not nearly as popular as basic Messenger in the US, but according to stats from AppAnnie, it has at one point or another reached top 10 app rankings, and definitely in the top 25 of dozens of smaller or developing countries.
Messenger Lite does most of what its full-featured sibling can, but misses some minor niceties like native support for GIFs. But now that it’s under 10MB (a fifth of what Messenger weighs) and supports video calling, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t consider switching.

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