Those with the Google Pixel 2 or Pixel 2 XL will get a new update to export Motion Photos as GIFs to the Google Photos app. Although it is not a huge update that everyone would be using, but still it can be fun to use them once in a while.
Motion Photos do exactly what the name suggests: They capture frames before and after your image, so your picture appears to be moving. This new feature is accessible from the three-dot menu in Photos’ image viewer. Just tap ‘Export’ and choose whether you’d like to have your Motion Photo as a video, a still photo, or a GIF. The resulting GIF is larger in size when compared to the original Motion Photo (about two to four times), but that compensates for the high 1024×768 result. It also makes sharinng with others easy.
However, while motion photos can be saved as GIF, you cannot extract parts of uploaded videos as GIFs, or turn your Animations into them — something which might disappoint non-Pixel users. Maybe if Google will be able to reduce the size and still keep the quality, GIFs might get a huge fan-following.

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