Samsung had unveiled its huge 146-inch modular MicroLED TV, also called “The Wall”, at the Consumer Electronics Show 2018 in January. Samsung has said that it is going to release The Wall in August this year. Although the price of the unit has not be revealed yet, but it does look like it will be an expensive deal given its size and advanced display technology,.
MicroLED technology is based on LED but unlike the latter, it doesn’t use organic materials rather it uses inorganic materials which reduce the need for a polarizing and encapsulation layer.
The Wall uses MicroLED technology, which Samsung claims offers similar picture quality to OLED displays but with better lifespans. As the entire display is made up of smaller MicroLED panels, and with module-based bezel-less design, The Wall can be resized or configured to almost any measurement that customers want. Whether that’s a massive 146-inch display or some more unique aspect ratios like 4:3 or even 1:1 depending on the content being consumed.
Let us wait for a few more months to know the exact price and the release date of first MicroLED TV that Samsung is going to commercialize.



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