Qualcomm will upgrade their mobile charging techniques on year base and it will be made available by the manufactures to their Flagship smartphones. It will be easier for the customer to charge their mobile quickly.


In November 2016, Qualcomm released the Quick charge 4.0 fast charging technology which supports dual parallel charging thereby increasing charging speed by 20% and charging efficiency by 30%. It claims to be able to charge 50% in 15 minutes or even shorter, and it supports USB Type- C, USB PD, Best Voltage Intelligent Negotiation Power Management Algorithm (INOV), Accurate Voltage, Current and Temperature Measurements.

In June 2017, Qualcomm announced the latest Quick Charge 4.0+. The improvements here include a dual power management ICs, intelligent thermal balance, and advanced security features. The Snapdragon 835 fully integrates this feature. Now Qualcomm has released a list of devices that supports Quick charge 4.0/4.0+. Qualcomm has not displayed multiple devices, but only one device – Razer Phone. ZTE Nubia declared officially that its N17 device will be the world’s first device to support Quick charge 4.0+. Upcoming LG G7 is also expected to support the Quick Charge 4.0+. It is not clear why Qualcomm skipped the devices.



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