We thought T-Mobile’s Galaxy S9 deal or Verizon’s BOGO, but AT&T simply burst out offering the S9 for $595 off.

AT&T partners Costco to give you $395 as bill credits, while the retailer includes a $200 cash card, bringing the cost of a S9 down to $195. On the off chance that you pick the $914.99 S9+, the bill credit will be $395, so the bigger, double camera model will wind up costing you only $320 at last.

Both new and existing customers need to take up a new line of service or should be a member to avail this offer and agree to accept AT&T’s Next phone payment plan. Costco allows you to fill the AT&T Rebate Redemption Form on the web for the cash card process so that you get $200 in your mail in the following weeks.

Costco runs this offer till March 22  in retail stores, so pick up the pace on the off chance that you need another Smartphone from AT&T, and get the S9 for $195 / S9+ for $320.


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