Last year July PayPal announced that it will support Samsung Pay Wallets, and the update is now rolling out after long wait. Today, PayPal confirmed it has begun rolling out the ability to use its service within Samsung Pay and make purchases at the retailers that accept Samsung Pay. Still users can earn Samsung Pay Rewards in the process.


To receive the benefit from the new feature, you’ll have to load your PayPal account with the debit card or bank account found in your PayPal Wallet for use in-store.

Here is what you must do to create a PayPal top-up card within Samsung Pay:

  • Tap “+” on upper right hand of Samsung Pay home screen
  • Select “Add PayPal” in the “Add payment card section”
  • If you have One Touch enabled, the account will be provisioned. If not, you’ll need to input your account credentials.
  • Press “Next” and enter a pin for in-store purchases
  • Select a Debit or bank funding source to top-up the account
  • Press “Agree & Continue” and you’re all set!

According to PayPal, whenever you pay in stores using your smartphone, PayPal won’t send any payment information to merchants. Instead, the company is using a virtual account number that represents a user’s account info.

Support is still rolling out, so you should see the option pop up over the next few days.



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