• Google’s home theatre strategy might finally be starting to come together. Ahead of the I/O conference that kicks off tomorrow, Google is giving a preview of an upcoming Google Assistant-enabled smart speaker, and it’s not meant to go on your nightstand—it’s meant to fit under your TV.


  • Google has partnered with JBL on the new Link Bar, which is many things in one: It’s a soundbar. It’s a Google Home. It’s an Android TV streaming box. And it’s kind of ingenious.
  • JBL has made a Google Assistant speaker that can power your entire home theater, whether you’re listening to music, looking for a good movie, dim your smart lighting, or you just want to know the weather forecast.


  • It has ports o’ plenty—4 HDMI ports, Ethernet, and digital optical and analog audio ports—there’s a lot. Along with its audio capabilities, Link Bar is also an Android TV streamer, with voice-controlled HDMI switching and hands-free searching across all supported apps and services.

Google says Link Bar will be available for purchase “later fall 2018,” at which time Android P will already be available.


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