Earlier this week, Lenovo’s VP Chang Cheng has teased a “full-screen smartphone” on its official Weibo account with an extremely thin bezel. As per the image the device does not feature any sort of notch. Chang Cheng also clarified that the device will feature about 95% of screen to body ratio. Now Chang Cheng again took to Weibo to reveal its name – Lenovo Z5 and Sketch of the phone.

Lenovo Z5.jpg

Lenovo Z5 will be the upcoming flagship smartphone from Lenovo. As per the teased sketch it will be a true bezel less smartphone. We are not sure how Lenovo handled the earpiece and selfie camera in the front screen. The visible antenna lines over the sides suggest that the Lenovo Z5 body will be entirely made of metal. Device is expected to announce on June 14th, all questions will be cleared on the same day.

Lenovo’s VP Chang Cheng is very much interested in the device as he is teasing the device continuously and he needs the device to be first in market with true Bezel less screen.




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